Tilly Gunn


Hi My Name is Tilly I am am fully trained Clinical Hypnotherapist and Hypnoslimmer Consultant.

I am passionate about people feeling good about themselves, inside and out. Being happy with our desired size and shape goes hand in hand with feeling good, being confident and happy in our own skin. The Hypnoslimmer programme is perfect for facilitating this and the wonderful thing is that it is not a diet . The Hypnoslimmer experience allows the individual to choose a personalised programme that’s perfect for them.

Working closely together ,we can permanently change your eating habits, overcome cravings and because its not a diet you will feel satisfied when you eat and it will be so easy for you to achieve your goals easily and permanently.

Hypnoslimmer is a proven system and can help you transform yourself into your desired shape and size without dieting ,surgery or constantly feeling hungry.

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