Louise Franks


If you’re reading this page, you must be ready to try something different. You may even have attempted every diet out there, only to find the results didn’t stand the test of time. Or, even worse, you may have ended up bigger than you started out. The first thing I want to say is, you haven’t failed… its the diet that failed. Diets don’t work – and I should know, I’ve done enough of them!

The second thing I’d like to say is Hypnoslimmer is not a diet. I have used the Hypnoslimmer system myself, reducing by 3 dress sizes in a 9 month period.

That’s why, when you book in for Hypnoslimmer with me, you can guarantee that you’re speaking to somebody who knows the system well and understands what you’re going through. I have first-hand experience with the programme…

Now will you let me take you by the hand and guide you to a better, more fulfilling life? Contact me today to book your FREE initial consultation, I’m looking forward to meeting you.

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