Lisa Elliott


“I’ve been on a journey with my weight for quite some time. I’ve experimented with various diets, seen fluctuations on the scales, enjoyed moments of weight loss success, only to see it creep back on. I sometimes find myself yearning for the less healthy choices, and when I attempt to resist, it can be a real downer. I’m just not content with my current shape and size, and I’m eager to feel fantastic about myself once more.”

I can certainly relate!

I’m Lisa, and I’ve faced my fair share of weight-related challenges over the years. The good news is, there’s a safe and non-invasive solution through hypnotherapy.

In my role as a Hypnotherapist and Hypnoslimmer consultant, I’m confident I can assist you with your weight loss journey.

Allow me to help you unlock your inherent abilities and cultivate the determination and a positive mindset you need to loose weight.

Why not reach out to me? Give me a call or send an email. You have nothing to lose, except some extra weight.

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