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Hey and thanks for stopping by on my profile.

I have had my own weight loss journey and had been on many diets over the years and like so many people, spent a lot of money on them only to pile the weight back on a while later (and more).

So isn’t it great to know that there are no restrictions on this food management programme, you only need to follow some simple rules and listen to the audios regularly.

No more feeling guilty when you have a bag of crisps, or a bar of chocolate and trying to hide the evidence- we’ve all done it!

How would you feel knowing you won’t have that starvation mode feeling ever again? Knowing you can overcome cravings for food with your mindset and knowing that this time you will keep the weight off and just as you like it with ease and following the simple rules.

The hypnoSlimmer experience is not a diet- it is a re-aligning of your relationship with food and it works with your subconscious mind and resets old ‘programming’ that has stopped you in the past from achieving your desired shape and size.

I offer online consultations and your first one is free- so if you are serious about wanting to change your shape and size let’s have a virtual chat over a cuppa.

So if you are fed up with:

Wearing elasticated trousers & free flowing tops
Yo-Yo dieting
Feeling guilty
Feeling fed up
Feeling frumpy
Fearing family or corporate events
Spending a small fortune on slimming clubs and diet food/meals
Contact me and let’s work on getting you a plan of action.
Are you ready to make that decision to CHANGE?

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