Jeremy White


How many times have you gained weight after a strict dieting regime?

If you are a serial-dieter you may feel what is the point of another diet, maybe you feel they are all the same and don’t work!

Strict dieting is no fun and eventually many give up on their diet because there is little room left to enjoy the food they eat.

What if you changed your mindset away from using strict ‘discipline’ and ‘self-control’ towards, natural eating patterns, where you eat what you want and when you want!

HypnoSlimmer allows you to do just that, eat what you want and when you want!

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one because the four-week HypnoSlimmer programme triggers your eating to eat when you’re hungry and to stop when naturally full.

HypnoSlimmer re-establishes your body’s natural relationship to food so that eating, and food, are enjoyable once again.

Do you want to know How?


Hypnotherapy is the key to returning your eating habits towards healthy enjoyment and away from denial and scarcity; you will again, take control of your eating habits instead of your habits controlling you.

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