Hello there, my name is Jenny, I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Hypnoslimmer Consultant, here in Driffield.

Probably, like you, I have been dieting most of my adult life, losing the weight and then slowly putting it back on and more – sound familiar?

Imagine then, my disbelief that I would never have to calorie count, restrict my choice of food or have the embarrassment of “the walk of shame” when the scales didn’t go my way.

Hypnoslimmer stops all that, you will never have to diet again, it offers you to control your eating habits as it re-programmes your subconscious mind and also doesn’t come with the many risks associated with surgical procedures. Hypnoslimmer is the quickest and most effective way to reshape your body whilst eating naturally, when you need to eat and to recognise when you are feeling full and satisfied.

I offer 1 to 1 sessions or, if you wish, group sessions can be arranged if you friends, family or work colleagues want to join you.

Why not give me a call, or send a message and we can get you on your journey to becoming the new you, just looking and feeling fabulous.

Please contact me for a free no obligation free consultation to discuss how I support you

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